Our primary concern is the type of student each child is becoming.

Charlotte Mason

“I am a child of God. I ought to do his will. I can do what he says. And, by his grace I will”
– Charlotte Mason’s motto

Children are Persons

We view all children as persons, created in God’s image, with a vast potential for a fruitful life filled with interests and relationships.

Education is an Atmosphere

Children learn best when they are at peace.  An atmosphere of joyful acceptance and togetherness is necessary for a child to grow and thrive.

Education is a Discipline

Our lives are shaped by habits.  Over time, they become our character and serve to shape who we are, how we think, act, work and relate.

Education is a Life

Real learning happens when students engage novelists, poets, philosophers, scientists, mathematicians, artists, musicians, historians and explorers.